It’s never too late: The Versatile Blogger Award

This lovely little sign of appreciation has been awarded to me a while ago, in March 2012, by superb artist and blogger Sarah Treanor. I first got in contact with her through her amazing blog 12 Months of Creativity, which made me take my own creative itch more seriously and is always good to read. Also check out her more personal site Our 1000 Days, a deeply honest account of love and grief that really touches me. Thanks so much for nominating me, Sarah. Keep it up!

According to the VBA Rules here is my list of 15 blogs that I find great:

  1. I love light, I love air by Munich-based cinematographer Sanne Kurz. She writes about her travels, her work and her personal life that is shaped by her profession. Sanne is a proper artist and her views on the world are more than well worth reading.
  2. Components is a project on creative minds and the use of social media by photographer Simone Naumann. The blog is a great for learning about fellow artists, their visions, mindsets and dreams.
  3. A Chinese Experience is Vanessa Priestley’s lively and very well written account of her time as a VSO volunteer in Xi’an, China, and her travels in Asia.
  4. 12 Books in 12 Months by Edinburgh-based “journalist, writer and sometime comicker” Ali about her own write challenge.
  5. Be Inspired Through Travel by Brooklyn-based travel blogger Marina Chetner. Great photographs that instill the wanderlust.
  6. Freelance writer Ben Allen‘s travel blog is another great read with fantastic photographs. He is currently travelling in the Middle East after having completed a hitchhiking tour through Mexico.
  7. eMORFES is one of my all-time favourites, a great collection of funny, bizarre and surprising artistic projects from all over the world.
  8. Where’s my T-back and Other Stories is Eva’s blog on encounters with Alzheimer’s Disease. But not only.
  9. Blue Door Hotel‘s blog about Morocco with fantastic pictures and great writing about an amazingly beautiful part of the world.
  10. Travel Enthusiast Brian Healy’s Travel Diaries.
  11. The In-Between by Katie O. which she started as “an outlet for her frustrations of adjusting to life in the Southwest”. Keep it up, crazy girl!
  12. Steve McDonald’s Backpackology is the laugh-out-loud story of a disillusioned arts graduate who packed his backpack and left for Asia. Always a great read an featured on “Freshly Pressed” and “Top 10 Editor’s Pick”. If this was a book, I would buy it!
  13. Crazy Train to Tinky Town, a blog about the adventures of a single woman living in Turkey.
  14. Beyond the Brush, Lynne Ayer’s blog “from the right side of her brain”.
  15. Green Field Notes is Rebecca Huntley’s blog about WWOOFing her way around the world. This is an amazing way of travelling and something that I’ve contemplated doing myself, and I love reading about her experiences.

7 Things about myself:

  1. The reason why it took me so long to add the VBA icon to my blog and write this post is self-doubt: Am I really a blogger? Am I really versatile?
  2. I grew up in a tiny village in the Bavarian Alps with more cows than people.
  3. However, I’m afraid of skiing.
  4. I met my partner in Istanbul when he was on a bike trip from England to India, and we didn’t see each other for 7 months after that but still kept in touch. I like this because it’s truly romantic.
  5. I’m in favour of Occupy but I would never have participated because I don’t like camping.
  6. I live in a big city but dream of a house in the country.
  7. I’ve only just started finding out what I’m capable of doing.
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4 Antworten zu “It’s never too late: The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Aha! Never too late indeed and thank you for the nomination! Congratulations (for last year’s award) and for recently discovering your unique capabilities. Magical things those capabilities… :)

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